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Dermal Fillers for Men: The Time is Now to Get on Palm Springs’ Growing Trend

In the years since dermal fillers first entered the cosmetic industry, the non-invasive procedure has become synonymous with facial rejuvenation. While these and other types of anti-aging procedures have traditionally been more popular among women, these once traditional trends are changing. Innovations in plastic surgery and non-invasive cosmetic treatments have made it easier for patients… Read More »

Look Years Younger Without Surgery

With a combination of a Liquid Facelift and/or a Thread Lift, we can deliver results just like a surgical facelift, without the downtime, cost, or complications. Liquid Facelifts use fillers and Botox to affect the skin just like a facelift, removing wrinkles and lines as well as adding volume as needed. A Thread Lift places… Read More »

Cosmetic Treatments for All Your Summer Events

Whether your summer filled with barbeques or beach vacations, feeling your absolute best can make the difference in how you carry yourself and ensure all events are enjoyable. If your looks could use a little freshening up, consider these top cosmetic treatments from our Palm Springs specialist. Refresh skin with facial rejuvenation With summer weather… Read More »

Botox vs. Dysport: Is There a Difference?

While Botox may be one of the most recognizable cosmetic brands, new products that leverage the unique properties of the botulinum toxin are constantly hitting the market. In recent years, one of these new inventions, Dysport, has quickly become a popular option for men and women looking for a Botox equivalent. But when it comes… Read More »

Not Ready for Surgery? Try a Liquid Facelift

Not Ready for Surgery? Try a Liquid Facelift Getting older may come with greater knowledge and wisdom, but it can also come with deep wrinkles and sagging skin. While traditional treatments for aging have often required surgery, new uses of non-invasive dermal fillers have made liquid facelifts a popular option for countless men and women… Read More »