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Smooth and Revive Your Appearance with PRP

Life can often be stressful. Whether that stress stems from the office, your relationship, or other daily struggles and worries, the stress is still present—and it’s unhealthy. To add insult to injury, when you’re stressed, it shows, and usually on your face. Stress can take the form of unwanted lines, wrinkles, or creases.

However, at Aesthetic Art in Palm Springs, we offer a convenient and affordable treatment that can successfully smooth and revive your appearance.

Do you need or want to freshen up the skin on your face? Learn more about PRP today!

PRP treatments (platelet-rich plasma) first emerged as innovative treatments for sports injuries. Today, however, the very same treatments can rejuvenate your appearance. Known as a PRP facial, this procedure has become popular among celebrities, as well as patients who want a fresher, smoother look. Specifically, PRP facials address the root of the aging process by using the patient’s own blood in an easy, fast, and relatively pain-free manner.

To start, the platelet-rich plasma is spread over the entire face as a serum. This serum contains a myriad of components that are conducive for healing, including fibroblasts. Then, we use a collagen induction therapy method to create tiny holes into which the serum will be absorbed. Once the absorption takes place, volume is instantly created, filling both sunken features of the face and deep wrinkles. Further, the serum is rich with natural growth factors, fades age spots, and builds collagen into the dermis.

As a result, the PRP facial treatment improves skin texture, tone, and overall quality. This creates a youthful, refreshed appearance.

Most individuals are overly pleased to learn about the variety of benefits offered by the PRP facial. For example, since the serum used in the treatment comes from each patient, there is no risk for infection, allergic reaction, or rejection. Simply put, this is a completely safe, reliable, and all-natural process to smooth and revive your appearance.

One of the most popular factors of the treatment, is that downtime is not extensive. After the procedure, slight redness and puffiness should be expected for a two-day period. Working patients can have this procedure on a Friday, take the weekend to recover, and be back in the office by Monday.

The actual treatment itself takes roughly a half an hour to complete, during which, most patients report no feelings of discomfort. For most patients to reach optimal results, we recommend a series of three treatments at one-month intervals.

As previously stated, patients with all skin types are welcome to schedule a consultation for the PRP facial. The ideal patient is someone who wants a fresher look, but without the expense, downtime, and inconvenience of facelift or other types of surgery. However, individuals who are currently taking blood thinning medication or are prone to blood clots should not consider this procedure.

As with any type of cosmetic treatment or procedure, there is always the possibility of negative side effects. PRP facial patients may experience redness, soreness, and/or swelling. Yet, these side effects are only temporary, and if they do occur, they generally subside within just a few days. Following treatment, it will be necessary to avoid direct sunlight.

With age, our facial appearance tends to change. However, with PRP facial, we can revive our appearance and enjoy better skin.

To schedule your PRP facial consultation, contact the professional staff at Aesthetic Art in Palm Springs, CA today by calling (760) 610-5558.


Regain Your Mane with the Latest Breakthrough in Hair Restoration

Whether it’s age, stress, or just genetics, hair loss is an unfortunate occurrence for both men and women. But at Aesthetic Art in Palm Springs, CA, we offer a convenient and affordable hair restoration procedure that will help you regain your confidence, allowing you to look and feel your absolute best.

For some individuals, hair is an important quality, perhaps even what makes them feel most confident. Hair is also often one of the first features noticed when meeting or greeting another person. And though it’s not right or fair, appearances generally play an intricate role in life, in one aspect or another.

With the development of hair restoration techniques, there is a myriad of treatment options to choose from today. One of the safest and most popular procedures performed by Dr. Kato is PRP hair restoration. This treatment uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which is a serum created from the patient’s own blood. This serum promotes healing and regeneration. After it’s injected into the scalp, a healthy and nourished environment forms, ultimately stimulating the growth of formerly inactive hair follicles.

If you are suffering from one of the following conditions, PRP for hair growth could be for you:

  • Baldness
  • Alopecia Areata
  • Hypotrichosis (males)

While this procedure can be life-changing for many, certain individuals should not pursue PRP hair restoration, or at least converse with their doctor before scheduling an appointment. Particularly, those suffering from blood and platelet disorders, liver disease, or cardiovascular instability could have experience complications during or after treatment. However, all interested parties will receive a medical consultation with one of our physicians to better assess if this treatment is for them and their needs.

Not only is our hair restoration treatment completely safe and comfortable, but the process is relatively quick and simple, too. After injection of the serum, which is a minimally invasive process, the scalp and hair follicles are repaired and nourished. Hair loss slows down, and areas of the scalp that were previously bare due to inactive follicles are stimulated to encourage regrowth.

Potential patients are always happy to discover that hair restoration treatment does not require or include incisions or sutures. More so, because the serum used is made from each patient’s cells, infections and allergic reactions will not occur. While other restoration treatments are generally long, painful, and require lots of downtime to recovery, PRP at Aesthetic Art is simple, gentle, and takes fifteen minutes to perform.

Before the procedure begins, the patient’s scalp will be numbed, ensuring the individual is comfortable. Most of our patients do not mention pain or discomfort and spend the length of the procedure relaxing. The patient can go home immediately after their treatment.

When it comes to PRP hair restoration, many prospective patients are curious as to how many treatments they will need. The answer is simple: every individual is different. Factors such as the area being treated and the rate of hair loss will better determine the number of treatments required for successful results. It is common to receive four treatments, with one treatment being performed each month.

It is typical to see change within three to six months. It is imperative to remember that every individual is different. Therefore, depending on how your body reacts to treatment, the number of treatments you receive, and the degree of hair loss, it may take a little longer for your results to become noticeable.

Because it is our goal to assist as many individuals as possible, we do offer an alternative to PRP hair restoration. This alternative treatment uses Mesomedica sera for anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable using their blood for the process. Our MesoHairGro serum can also successfully nourish the scalp, as well as strengthen hair shafts. With the aid of essential vitamins, including Pro-Vitamin B5, biotin, thiamine, and Vitamin B6, the cause of poor hair growth is treated and corrected.

Let’s face the truth: Hair loss is not something you can control. It’s not necessarily fair that you have to experience it, but it happens. However, just because it does or has happened to you, doesn’t mean you have to sit back and live with it.

Interested in learning more about hair restoration? Contact the professional staff at Aesthetic Art in Palm Springs, CA today by calling (760) 610-5558.



PRP for Facial Rejuvenation

Since PRP was introduced to the cosmetic world, it has been giving patients powerful facial rejuvenation and hair restoration results they love! Even better, it has been doing so naturally. If you haven’t heard of PRP, you are going to be glad you did. Before you schedule a consultation, here are five must-know facts about the popular and effective procedure:

  • PRP stands for platelet rich plasma.
  • It is a serum created from a sample of the patient’s blood.
  • The PRP involves injections of PRP in the face.
  • It stimulates cell growth and repairs collagen structures.
  • The result is softened wrinkles, restored facial volume, and reduced hyperpigmentation.


Schedule your consultation and experience PRP’s amazing results!

It’s His Day, Too! Procedures for a Handsome Groom

The wedding day is getting closer—how exciting! And while many people believe that this day is the bride’s day, that is not necessarily true. After all, the groom plays a big part in the event, too. Therefore, he also deserves to look and feel his absolute best!

At Aesthetic Art in Palm Springs, CA, we offer a wide variety of services for both women and men. Whether it is your wedding day, birthday, or just a Saturday night out on the town, we can help boost your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Better yet, most of our procedures are relatively fast-acting, pain-free, affordable, and require little-to-no downtime. Simply put, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain with the assistance of our trained and skilled professional, Dr. Kato.

Many believe that cosmetic surgery is for women and women only. These individuals are wrong. While Botox, fillers, and facelifts may be more popular amongst the female population, that does not mean men are not welcome to partake in the action. Remember, there is no rule or law that states men cannot benefit from a cosmetic procedure, especially if his wedding day is looming in the future.

While most of the procedures offered at Aesthetic Art can be pursued by men, we do have some specific options that men tend to gravitate towards, such as the PRP facial and hair restoration.

The PRP facial, also known as the “platelet rich plasma” facial, is a state-of-the-art regenerative treatment that actively attacks the negative effects of the aging process. Specifically, this treatment uses components of the patient’s own blood, resulting in a simple, quick, and pain-free experience.

The facial is performed with the use of a dermal filler. Platelet rich plasma is injected into the target area on the face, creating an instant volume that lifts sunken features and fills wrinkles. The facial’s healing serum stimulates cell growth, allotting for fresher cells to migrate to the surface of the skin.

The benefits of the PRP facial include:

  • A fuller face
  • Reduction of scars
  • Elimination of sun spots
  • Youthful glow restoration
  • Softened wrinkles

Within just a few short weeks, you will be able to notice improvement in your appearance. Better yet, following treatment, there is no downtime. Patients are able to immediately return to their daily schedules. Soreness, redness, and swelling are all normal, but will subside within a few days.

This is the ideal treatment for patients who want to avoid the inconveniences of plastic surgery. However, PRP facials are not for individuals who are taking blood thinning medication or have issues with blood clotting.

With today’s technology, not only can your appearance become fresh and younger-looking, but your hair can become thicker and fuller, too.

If you suffer from hair loss, then you want to learn about PRP hair restoration. This new and innovative method uses platelet rich plasma (like the facial mentioned above) to give you the look you want and deserve. This plasma, a serum which is created from the patient’s own blood, contains a concentrated amount of proteins that assist in healing and regenerating a healthy environment once injected into the scalp. More so, hair loss can be stopped or slowed down without a painful procedure and weeks of downtime. The entire process takes about 30 to 45 minutes, after which, the patient is able to instantly return home.

Generally speaking, any man – or woman – currently experiencing hair loss could be an ideal candidate for this procedure. However, this is not the best option for those suffering from blood or platelet disorders, liver disease, or cardiovascular issues. For your safety, if you are interested in this procedure, you will first receive a medical consultation with one of our physicians to ensure this treatment is appropriate for you and your current condition.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where a lot of weight is put on how we look. But more so, there comes a time or a special event, like a wedding day, when we want to look like the best version of ourselves. Aesthetic Art can help you accomplish this goal.

Besides PRP facials and hair restoration, we have a myriad of other procedures available for all needs, including: Botox/Dysport, dermal fillers, Sculptra, Kybella, and more! Believe it or not, men, this is your special day, too.

If you are interested in learning more about the procedures we have available, or wish to schedule a consultation, contact the professional staff at Aesthetic Art in Palm Springs, CA today by calling 760-610-5558.

Glow Up Treatments for a Gorgeous Bridal Party

Are wedding bells in the air? If your big day is coming up, then it is highly likely that you want both you and your bridal party to look your absolute best. More so, during this special time, you may even want everyone in the bridal party to glow.

Simply put, you and your bridal party deserve to look gorgeous and with the help of Dr. Kato at Aesthetic Art, you can!

At Aesthetic Art, we offer a wide variety of services to ensure all your wants and needs are met. Specifically, our treatments can help anyone look beautiful, regardless of the event of the day. These treatments include: PCA Skin treatments, dermal fillers, Botox, PRP facials and more!

We are all aware of how stressful life can be. Regardless of its nature, whether it is stress from work or daily struggles, all types of stress have a negative effect on our skin, particularly, our face. Further, if you are currently planning a wedding, then you may even be suffering from more stress. From finding the perfect dress to the best venue, this can be a challenging time. But your skin should not have to suffer because of it.

To start, PCA Skin treatments are not only highly effective but are also known to help improve people’s lives with skin care solutions created for all types of unique skin. More so, at Aesthetic Art, we offer PCA Skin treatments to assist with the following unwanted or undesired issues:

  • Aging
  • Discoloration
  • Acne
  • Sensitive Skin

There is never a good time to have skin problems. However, skin problems can be even more annoying or bothersome if the big day—a wedding day—is in your near future. Whether you currently suffer from discoloration, acne, or age lines, a consultation with Dr. Kato could be beneficial. She will be happy to assist in determining the best skin care treatment for you and your needs.

Further, both dermal fillers and Botox are popular options for individuals who wish to fight the unattractive signs of aging.

Today, dermal fillers are some of the most popular cosmetic treatments pursued in the world. Dermal fillers are injected into target areas of the face to add more volume to the skin. These fillers have been known to reverse sagging, eliminate wrinkles and lines, and boost volume, allowing the patient to glow!

Better yet, dermal fillers are quick and easy and require little to no downtime following the process. Treatments are also safe and affordable. Dermal fillers available at Aesthetic Art include Juvederm, Voluma, Volbella, Restylane, and Refyne/Defyne.

There’s a big possibility that you have heard of Botox. Though you may be familiar with the injectable, how much do you really know about it?

Botox is a popular, minimally invasive cosmetic procedure. This treatment offers many incentives for individuals since it is relatively pain free, quick to administer, and doesn’t require downtime. Though it is common to experience redness and mild bruising, these symptoms do not last long. You will notice results quickly, too.

While every individual has their own cosmetic goals, Botox is often used to treat the following symptoms of aging and stress:

  • Forehead Lines
  • Crow’s Feet
  • Frown Lines
  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorder
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Overactive Bladder
  • Excessive Blinking
  • Lazy or Crossed Eyes

Other injectables offered by Dr. Kato include Dysport, Sculptra, and Kybella.

Lastly, many patients enjoy our PRP Facial. This facial is performed by injecting platelet-rich plasma into critical areas of the face, creating instant volume to lift sunken features of the face, as well as fill out deep wrinkles. This treatment stimulates cell growth, encourages the migration of fresher cells to the surface of the skin, and creates a stronger collagen structure.

Planning and getting ready for a wedding can be stressful and the effects of this stress can be manifested on your facial appearance. You don’t want this to happen, and now, you don’t have to let it happen! Erase the signs of stress on your face today. After all, you and your entire bridal party should be glowing for the big day!

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Kato at Aesthetic Art in Palm Springs, CA today, call 760-610-5558.

Kybella for Double Chin

When it comes to profound rejuvenation, many patients focus heavily on facial procedures and neglect their chin. However, a double chin can make you look heavier and older than you really are. This is why we are proud to offer Kybella! Kybella is a prescription medication designed just for eliminating submental fat through injections instead of surgery. Here are five quick facts to know about this amazing treatment:

  • A cosmetic injectable made of deoxycholic acid, a fat-burning substance that occurs naturally in the body.
  • The first prescription medicine that can improve the appearance of a double chin.
  • Each treatment takes about 15 minutes.
  • Most patients require 2-4 treatments.
  • Minimal discomfort and no downtime.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Maya Kato to see if this procedure is right for you.

The Benefits of Non-Invasive Procedures

For every individual currently unhappy with his or her appearance, good news: At Aesthetic Art Facial Rejuvenation, we offer a variety of procedures to get rid of unwanted lines, wrinkles, and fat, allowing you to look and feel your absolute best. Better yet, many of the treatments offered at our Palm Springs, CA facility are non-invasive. B. Maya Kato, MD is an educated, skilled, and trained professional who has one goal: ensuring complete patient satisfaction.

Are you ready to be informed about the benefits of non-invasive procedures?

First, before you become aware of the benefits offered by our treatments, it is necessary to learn which non-invasive, or minimally invasive procedures we offer. From undesired age spots to fat build up, getting older can be a cruel process. Therefore, a variety of services are conveniently available at our facility for all wants and needs, including the following:

  • Botox/Dysport
  • Fillers
  • Sculptra
  • Kybella
  • Juvederm
  • Voluma
  • Volbella
  • Restylane
  • Refyne/Defyne

While each of these options have their own individual strengths, they all share one beneficial element in common: these procedures are non-invasive. However, what is so great about a non-invasive procedure?

Non-invasive procedures are generally less painful than other types of procedures. Since there is (typically) no cutting or need for an incision, these treatments, at most, offer some mild discomfort, for which a light pain medication can be prescribed. Yet, even the need for medication is rare. Because there is no pain (or less pain) involved in these types of procedures, patients do not have to worry about long recovery periods or taking time off from work and/or their daily activities.

Non-invasive procedures require less, and often, no downtime. As mentioned above, no pain also means no recovery time. To take that point a step further, it is significant to note that most individuals who receive a non-invasive procedure immediately return to work following treatment. Because there is no downtime, there is also no need to miss work (i.e. use a vacation or sick day) or any other daily event or activity.

Non-invasive procedures are more convenient than other procedures. The procedures listed above do not require anesthesia or the need for anything similar. This results in fast, convenient treatment. In fact, some of the treatments, such as Kybella, can be performed in as quickly as 15 to 20 minutes. Therefore, in the past, patients have opted to have the procedure performed on their lunch hour, before immediately returning to work.

Non-invasive procedures offer fewer risks and complications. Again, because you’re not going “under the knife,” there is less possibility for something negative to occur during or after the treatment has been completed. Sure, non-invasive procedures, just like any other type of cosmetic procedure, can result in consequences. However, consequences are rare, especially when the procedure is performed by a skilled and trained professional. Better yet, minor side effects of non-invasive procedures generally only include slight redness, numbness, and bruising, all of which quickly subside within a week or two. Further, patients who pursue non-invasive procedures do not have to worry about unattractive scars or wounds.

Non-invasive procedures are more affordable than other procedures. Since non-invasive procedures are performed quickly, without anesthesia and overnight hospital stays, you will discover that these treatments are offered at a better rate.

Finally, non-invasive procedures often offer faster results than other procedures and surgeries. This is due to several factors, but mostly because there is no need for incisions, meaning you will not have to be stitched up following surgery, or worry about a particular body part or area needing time to heal before the results become visible.

To sum it up, the benefits of non-invasive procedures are endless, with the most popular elements including the following:

  • Convenient
  • Pain-free
  • More affordable
  • No Downtime
  • Performed Quickly
  • Fast Results

Of course, depending on a patient’s wants or needs, sometimes, a non-invasive procedure is not a possibility. You should speak to your doctor regarding your cosmetic treatment goals to discover whether or not they can be accomplished without the need for invasive surgery. As a result, you could save time, money, hassle, and energy.

To learn more about the benefits of non-invasive procedures offered by B. Maya Kato, MD at Aesthetic Art Facial Rejuvenation, contact our professional staff in Palm Springs, CA today by calling (760) 610-5558.

Say Goodbye to Your Double Chin with Kybella

Are you currently unhappy with your appearance? Specifically, do you have a double chin that is holding you back? Unfortunately, we live in a world where a lot of weight is put upon our appearance, more so, how we look to others. And while you should never worry about people judging you on your looks, you do deserve to be happy.

Available at Aesthetic Art Facial Rejuvenation in Palm Springs, CA, Kybella is an FDA-approved injectable treatment that can successfully destroy fat cells under the chin, ultimately improving your profile. That’s right: say goodbye to your double chin with Kybella.

Used in adults to help improve their appearance and attack unwanted fat beneath the chin, Kybella is a prescription medicine that has, as mentioned above, been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration since 2015. Further, this treatment is performed using a nonsurgical injection technique, making it more convenient to pursue.

According to Healthline.com, during an initial Kybella clinical trial, 82.4 percent of people reported that changes in their appearance were significantly improved, meaning a majority of patients were met with effective results. More so, during this same clinical trial, the treatment was deemed both safe and effective.

To attack the fat cells under the chin, Kybella uses a series of deoxycholic acid injections, making it impossible for fat to be stored in the area. The best candidates for Kybella treatments are those who are dissatisfied with their appearance, mainly their double chin, as well as individuals who are at least 18 years in age. However, Kybella may not be the best choice for those who have either had or are planning to have facial surgery, trouble swallowing, pregnant, nursing, or have an infection or medical condition.

If you would like to know whether or not you would be a good candidate for Kybella treatments, make sure to contact your doctor. You should be prepared to answer personal questions, particularly about your health and medical history.

Since Kybella is a nonsurgical treatment, there is not much that needs to be done prior to treatment. You will have to call the Palm Desert, CA facility to schedule your appointment. It will also be necessary to completely wash your face before treatment, as doing so could reduce the risk for infection. To prevent post-treatment bruising, make sure you avoid ibuprofen and other, like medications.

One of the biggest benefits of scheduling a Kybella treatment: the treatment itself only takes about 15 to 20 minutes. Therefore, many individuals opt to have the procedure performed during the lunch hour, before returning to work or their normal, daily activities. Further, no downtime is needed following treatment.

The number of treatments needed will be determined by the individual, depending on his or her treatment goals. To achieve the best results, multiple Kybella treatments may be needed. A patient can receive up to six Kybella treatments, with a month needed between each session. Remember, though, results are permanent, as fat will no longer be stored underneath the chin.

As with any type of cosmetic treatment or procedure, risks and complications are always a possibility – Kybella treatments are no different. Yet, when the procedure is performed by a trained professional, the chances of risks and/or complications occurring are less likely to take place.

It is significant to note that after treatment, it is typical to experience swelling, bruising, and numbness under the chin. However, these minor issues are only temporary. If you do happen to develop an uneven smile or facial weakness, you should contact your doctor immediately.

Other possible side effects of a Kybella treatment can include pain, redness, and areas of hardness.

The price of the Kybella procedure will differ from patient to patient. For example, the more treatments you wish to purchase will ultimately alter your total charge. You can contact our professional staff to learn about possible payment plans and options.

At Aesthetic Art Facial Rejuvenation, B. Maya Kato, MD and the rest of the staff only have one concern: the patient. That’s right, we strive – and have succeeded – in ensuring every individual who walks into our facility is comfortable and well informed of the procedure he or she is pursuing. We believe that everyone deserves the chance to not only look and feel their absolute best, but also be given the confidence to tackle any of life’s obstacles.


Are you ready to learn more about Kybella? Or, maybe you would like to schedule an appointment at Aesthetic Art Facial Rejuvenation? If so, contact our professional staff in Palm Springs, CA today by calling 760-610-5558.


Is Preventative Botox in Your 30s Worth It?

Are you worried that unwanted wrinkles and frown lines may one day plague your face? If you are in your 30s, then you may be contemplating Botox. More specifically, you may be wondering whether or not preventative Botox in your 30s is worth it.

It is time to find out!

If you are considering Botox, then chances are high that you are already somewhat familiar with the procedure. After all, throughout the past several years, Botox has become an extremely popular treatment, for both men and women.

Just so there is no confusion, Botox is used to temporarily paralyze muscles, resulting in a younger, smoother, wrinkle-free appearance. Made from botulinum toxin, which is produced by Clostridium botulinum, Botox can (safely) be injected into individuals in small concentrations. This toxin prevents the abnormal contraction of muscle cells, in turn, allowing the muscles to become less stiff.

While there are a variety of medical reasons as to why a patient may choose or require the injection of Botox, many individuals opt to have treatment for cosmetic purposes.

Though Botox has been proven to be both safe and effective, as with any type of treatment or procedure, rare yet negative side effects can occur, such as: mild pain, numbness, headaches, nausea, bleeding, blurred vision, and swelling. Of course, these negative side effects do not generally last long, and are less likely to take place when the Botox procedure is performed by a skilled and trained professional, such as Dr. Kato of Aesthetic Art.

Now that you are more familiar with the Botox process, as well as its benefits and possible side effects, you are probably still wondering whether or not preventative treatment in your 30s is effective.

Interestingly enough, some people believe the following mantra: “The age you start getting Botox injections, will be the age you stay.”

There is a common pattern today, in which more and more patients are choosing to pursue Botox treatments at a younger age – even as young as late 20s and early 30s – not to get rid of current wrinkles, but to prevent future ones.

As mentioned above, Botox can temporarily paralyze the muscles, but the injection can also help to improve facial posture, which can eventually cause wrinkles. Simply put, when you freeze these muscles, the muscles can no longer move, meaning less wrinkles appearing on your face.

Think of it this way: You have most likely been told time and time again to not scrunch your face, as the action will cause wrinkles. When you get Botox injected into your forehead, you physically will not be able to scrunch your forehead, even if you try. As a result, wrinkles will not be able to form in your forehead, or at least have a much harder time trying to form.

That is how Botox can be seen as a “preventative action” for those in their 30s, before too many wrinkles have become prominent. Basically, you are stopping wrinkles from forming in your forehead (or anywhere on your face) before they truly exist, or get particularly bad.

Does this mean if you run out now and get an injection that you will never have a wrinkle on your face as long as you are alive? Of course not! However, the point can be argued that if you start Botox treatments sooner rather than later, then you may end up with less wrinkles on your face. After all, many believe that the best time to start treating wrinkles is either before they appear, or as soon as they start appearing.

So, is preventative Botox is your 30s worth it? Or, more so, is it worth it for you?

While Botox is a safe, effective, and FDA-approved treatment, only you can decide the most appropriate time to start getting injections.

Further, before you do decide to schedule a Botox consultation, make sure that you have realistic goals and expectations following the procedure, as well as that you are emotionally, physically, and mentally stable. It is true: Botox treatments can help boost your self-esteem, making you look and feel younger, like the very best version of yourself. Yet, make sure you are pursuing treatment for the right reason . . . because you want it, and not someone else.

To learn more about Botox, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kato at Aesthetic Art, contact the professional staff at our Palm Desert, CA office today by calling 760-610-5558.


5 Interesting Facts about Botox

We love Botox! Why? Because it delivers beautiful, natural-looking results! We’ve compiled five interesting Botox facts to help you learn more about our favorite procedure:

  • Botox is the most popular nonsurgical procedure in the U.S.
  • Over 4.5 million treatments were administered in 2016.
  • It is commonly used to improve the appearance of crow’s feet, frown lines, and forehead lines.
  • It can help treat sweating, depression, migraines, and chronic pain.
  • Treatments are typically administered every 4-6 months.

Want to experience Botox’s anti-aging results for yourself? Schedule your consultation with Dr. B. Maya Kato, click here.