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What is Collagen and Why Do I Need More?

Familiar with anti-aging products or skincare treatments as a whole? Chances are you’ve come across collagen as wither a product or the tagline of a product. However, what exactly is collagen and what role does it play in determining your facial appearance? Collagen is a naturally-produced protein found in the skin and connective tissue. Hair,… Read More »

PDO Threads: Smooth or Barbed?

Short for polydioxanone, PDO has grown in popularity with the rise of Nova Threads non-surgical facelifts. Whereas traditional facelifts have required surgery to successfully tighten sagging skin, this new option allows patients to avoid the preparation, downtime, and recovery associated with surgery. The use of PDO threads contributes substantially to the success of this treatment…. Read More »

Dr. Kato’s Favorite Products

At Aesthetic Art of Palm Springs, our goal has always been to provide our clients with world-class care. This holds true even after you’ve experienced cosmetic treatments with our cosmetic specialist. To enjoy the full potential of your treatment, keep reading and learn about some of Dr. Maya Kato’s favorite products recommended for her patients…. Read More »

Smooth and Revive Your Appearance with PRP

Life can often be stressful. Whether that stress stems from the office, your relationship, or other daily struggles and worries, the stress is still present—and it’s unhealthy. To add insult to injury, when you’re stressed, it shows, and usually on your face. Stress can take the form of unwanted lines, wrinkles, or creases. However, at… Read More »

PRP for Facial Rejuvenation

Since PRP was introduced to the cosmetic world, it has been giving patients powerful facial rejuvenation and hair restoration results they love! Even better, it has been doing so naturally. If you haven’t heard of PRP, you are going to be glad you did. Before you schedule a consultation, here are five must-know facts about… Read More »