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Do Lip Fillers Permanently Stretch Your Lips?

A hugely popular and rapidly growing trend in the health and beauty industry, lip fillers can provide sensual, full lips that scream confidence and sexy. They can help with the application and appearance of makeup, and just one thing is for sure – full lips are here to stay. As over 2.5 million lip-filling procedures… Read More »

Fact or Fiction: Botox Myths

The most popular cosmetic procedure in the U.S., over 7.5 million Botox appointments are made annually. With so many people opting for Botox, however, there is bound to be some misinformation associated with the procedure. From what Botox can do, can’t do, and everything in-between, here, Dr. Maya Kato of Aesthetic Art Facial Rejuvenation aims… Read More »

What Causes Under Eye Bags and How Fillers Can Help

“You look tired.” We’ve all undoubtedly heard this phrase at one point or another when we have bags under our eyes. In some cases, it can be the result of a miserable night’s sleep. In other instances, particularly as we move past our mid-thirties, bags, and dark circles under our eyes can become more of… Read More »

Treating Smokers’ Lines at Home and in the Clinic

Smokers’ lines refer to vertical wrinkles that form around the edges of the lips. We see them most often on women who smoke; however, men and non-smokers also develop these lip lines as they age.  Fortunately, there are several effective at-home and in-office treatments available to those experiencing this issue. Why Do People Get Smokers’… Read More »

Do the Right Vitamins or Foods Prevent Hair Loss?

Hair is often a display of vitality and an expression of character, which makes the thought of losing it unpleasant to many.  The harsh reality, though, is that one in five Americans deals with hair loss, with proportionally more men than women being affected. Although there have been many anti-hair loss treatments offered throughout the… Read More »

Tips to Keep Your Skin Glowing All Winter Long

The winter months often lead to dry, irritated and itchy skin, which appears cracked, unhealthy, and feels horrible. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Winter skincare isn’t complicated – it only requires some commitment on your part. By following these tips from Dr. Maya Kato of Maya Kato Aesthetic Art Facial Rejuvenation, you… Read More »

Love Your Lips, Lose Your Lines this Valentine’s Day

For many, Valentine’s day is the first important festivity of the new year. A celebration of love and friendship, Valentine’s day gives us a chance to express our full beauty and gratitude towards those we love in our lives.  To ensure you look in top form this Valentine’s day, Dr. Maya Kato in Palm Springs… Read More »

Eating, Sleeping and Kissing After Lip Filler Injections

Over the last few years, lip injections with dermal fillers have skyrocketed. What has been a go-to anti-aging procedure to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles has more recently also become a hit among younger patients interested in improving naturally thin lips.  With this growing popularity, there are a number of questions our Palm Desert cosmetic… Read More »

Give Jowls the One-Two Punch with ThreadLifts and Fillers

No facial feature is immune to the changes of getting older. While most men and women are familiar with the deepening wrinkles and sagging skin, an area where aging frequently comes as a surprise is the jawline. Over time, decreasing collagen and elastin production and the pull of gravity cause skin around the jawline to… Read More »

Hollywood Pouts: Styles of Celebrity Lips You Can Emulate

Recently, the digital community went into a bit of a crazy spiral as people attempted to obtain a set of Kylie Jenner Lips. Some clever cookie figured out you can temporarily swell your lips by sucking them through a glass bottle, thus obtaining a fuller pout for an Instagram pic. They also figured out this… Read More »