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Botox vs. Dysport: Is There a Difference?

While Botox may be one of the most recognizable cosmetic brands, new products that leverage the unique properties of the botulinum toxin are constantly hitting the market. In recent years, one of these new inventions, Dysport, has quickly become a popular option for men and women looking for a Botox equivalent. But when it comes down to it, what are the differences between these two wrinkle-fighting options?

The Similarities

Fundamentally, Botox and Dysport are designed to halt the deepening of wrinkles. This is done by leveraging the paralytic properties of the botulinum toxin. A byproduct of the bacteria Clostridium botulinum, this neurotoxin is innocuous in nature but can be deadly if concentrated. When used in cosmetic or medical treatments, the neurotoxin blocks nerve receptors on muscles, causing the targeted muscles to relax and smooth out. In the world of cosmetic treatments, this temporary paralysis is especially useful for proactively and reactively treatment wrinkles caused by muscle spasms and laxity. 

Both Botox and Dysport are made using medical grade Botulinum toxin. However, each contains a different potency of the trace proteins. This leads to two different results. 

The Benefits of Botox

While Botox has a reputation for being one of the better known cosmetic procedures available, the injectable has become a truly versatile treatment in many fields of medicine. From treating excessive sweating to strabismus, Botox is FDA-approved for many medical procedures. In the world of cosmetic care, the procedure is one of the most requested anti-aging treatments due to its convenience, easy of application and versatile use to nearly all aspects of the face and hands. 

Part of the success of Botox comes from how targeted treatment injections are. Once administered, the formula stays put, blocking nerve receptors only near the injection site. While this highly targeted application may require additional injections in order to fully treat lax muscles, the precise nature of treatment makes it perfect for creating a natural-looking appearance.

The Advantages of Dysport

Dysport’s unique formula contains smaller molecules of the botulinum toxin. While this may not seem like much, the smaller size allows the molecules to diffuse from the treatment site and spread to the surrounding area. This makes Dysport ideal for treating larger areas, such as the area between the eyebrows. 

The higher potency of the toxin also changes the number of injections a patient needs each treatment. Depending on the depth of existing wrinkles, patients may only need a little amount of the formula to treat glabellar lines. In all, Dysport has been proven to be a highly effective wrinkle treatment.

Which Treatment do I Need?

Choosing the right neurotoxin treatments begins with understanding your needs. While Dysport and Botox offer similar results, there are substantial differences that make each procedure perfect for different patients. While Botox can be applied to nearly all aspects of the face, the diffusion that comes with Dysport makes the treatment a better option for patients with moderate to severe wrinkles between their eyebrows and forehead. During your consultation at our office, Dr. Kato can walk you through other key differences to help you better identify which solution best suits your needs.

Explore Your Options with Dr. Kato

Whether you’re smoothing fine lines and keeping deep wrinkles from progressing, there’s an anti-aging procedure that’s perfect for you. Call Dr. Kato and schedule a consultation with our Palm Springs specialist to learn more about your treatment options.