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Do the Right Vitamins or Foods Prevent Hair Loss?

Hair is often a display of vitality and an expression of character, which makes the thought of losing it unpleasant to many. 

The harsh reality, though, is that one in five Americans deals with hair loss, with proportionally more men than women being affected.

Although there have been many anti-hair loss treatments offered throughout the years, many of them are not backed by valid scientific research. Some of these may even accelerate hair loss instead of hinder it. 

For this reason, Dr. Maya Kato weighs in with scientific information surrounding what causes hair loss, and the proven best methods for preventing it. If you are struggling with hair loss in Palm Springs, Ca, reach out to Dr. Maya Kato to see what she can do for you.

Why Do We Lose Hair?

The visible part of our hair, called the “shaft,” grows from the hair follicle. Hair follicles, which are embedded in our skin or scalp, receive nutrients from the blood. This allows the follicles to synthesize new hair cells and grow the hair shaft.

There are a number of reasons why hair follicles may stop functioning correctly, such as male pattern baldness, hormonal changes, stress, and thyroid problems. Nutrient deficiency may also have a significant role in both men and women losing their hair. 

In such cases, altering one’s diet to get more of a necessary vitamin may slow hair loss and encourage the production of healthier, stronger hair. For other patients, hair loss might be at more advanced stages, and cosmetic intervention with a procedure such as PRP might be the best option for you.

Which Nutrients Assist in Preventing Hair Loss?

Many nutrients are not produced naturally by our bodies, so we need to get them from an external source, a.k.a. our food. 

Nutrients are essential to the basic functioning of our bodies as they are the building blocks of many of the body’s structures. Proper nutrition allows many of our bodily functions to take place, such as tissue healing and growth, enzyme formation, and chemical reactions that constitute a healthy, living body. 

Of these vitamins, some of the most important for preventing hair loss and encouraging healthy hair growth include vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folic acid, and vitamin C.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A assists our body in the essential functions of cell growth and repair, procedures vital in the production of healthy hair. Vitamin A rich-foods include the ‘traffic light’ fruit and vegetables – reds, yellows, oranges, and greens. Fish, eggs, and offal such as liver are also particularly high sources of vitamin A and should be included in an anti-hair loss diet.

Vitamin B6, B12, Folic Acid

Hemoglobin is the compound in our bodies responsible for the transportation of oxygen around the body. Healthy hair demands a constant supply of oxygen. When the body does not receive enough B vitamins and folic acid, hemoglobin production drops, and oxygen transport suffers. Eating proper amounts of animal meats, or leafy vegetables, broccoli, beetroots, and soybeans will provide your body with adequate B vitamins to sustain an appropriate hemoglobin production.

Vitamin C

Our body needs vitamin C to produce collagen, the protein responsible for the structural integrity of our hair and skin. As such, eating vitamin C rich foods such as oranges, tomatoes and peppers, watermelon, and leafy vegetables will keep your vitamin C levels high.

How Effective is Diet on Hair Loss?

The effect of diet on hair loss depends entirely on the reason driving the person to lose their hair. 

For many patients, finding a proper nutritional balance in their daily diet can make significant changes in their body’s production and retention of hair. They can do this by including the foods listed above and ensuring they get the appropriate quantities of vitamins.

For others, such as those suffering thyroid and hormonal abnormalities or men with male pattern baldness, nutrition alone will not be enough to restore proper healthy hair growth.

Cosmetic Intervention 

In such cases, cosmetic intervention is necessary. One advanced technology, known as platelet-rich plasma, or PRP therapy, involves injecting a concentrated serum of proteins essential for hair follicle health and hair growth into the scalp to encourage hair production.

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