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Don’t Neglect These Areas When it Comes to Your Skincare

While your skin cells may replenish themselves every few weeks, your skincare regimen plays a critical role in creating a healthy environment for the cells to grow back and helping delay the inevitable aging process. Too often, however, many pay close attention to their facial skin and not enough to the skin covering other parts of the body. If you want your skin to look beautiful for a lifetime, be sure to pay close attention to these areas:


From when you first get up until you go to bed in the evening, your hands are constantly busy and at work. This also means that your hands are perhaps more exposed to changes in temperature, sunlight, water, chemicals, and other factors that can all leave skin more vulnerable to damage. Furthermore, hands are often the first parts of our body to show the signs of aging.

Rather than leaving these all-important tools exposed to the elements, regularly moisturize your hands throughout the day and apply a good quality hand cream at night. If you’re planning on spending time outside, be sure apply sunscreen to your hands or wear gloves if it’s going to be cold.


Much like your hands, your feet play a major role in your day-to-day life. Between the physical working, jogging and running between different daily obligations to the shoes you wear to complete daily errands, your feet are quite literally put through their paces and often overlooked in terms of care.

Give your feet the love they deserve. Daily scrubs and moisturization combined with a good soak can help restore and relax tired feet after a long day. For a more luxurious and well-deserved treatment, consider getting a good old-fashioned massage to better relax the muscles and remove tension.


Unless you’re planning on perpetually wearing turtlenecks, your skincare regimen should also include your neck and chest. Like facial skin, these areas tend to show wrinkles quickly and can prematurely age unwary patients. As neck skin is much thinner than facial skin, early wrinkle development is common among patients as young as their 20s.

To prevent the unflattering “turkey neck,” we recommend starting with daily sunscreen application and moisturization. Massages and sleeping on lower pillows can also help alleviate unwanted lines from developing too early.

Elbows and Knees

Another pair of easy to overlook areas, dry elbows and knees can be serious detractors from an otherwise flawless appearance. Likewise, as skin begins to sag due to the aging process, these areas can become noticeable for the wrong reasons. Regular moisturization and exfoliation can help ensure these joints stay well lubricated and soft. To prevent saggy looking knees, try turning to yoga and exercises that promote muscle growth on the legs and around the knees.

Start Your Skincare Routine with Dr. Kato

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