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Dramatic Cheekbones after 50: How the Thread Lift’s Collagen Magic Re-Establishes Cheekbones

Sagging skin, diminished facial volume, deepening wrinkles – the signs that you’re getting older are certainly unwelcome. For many, the idea of dramatically defined cheekbones and taut, smooth skin can seem so far out of grasp, it’s hopeless to even contemplate how to achieve these supermodel features. Luckily, thread lifts are breathing new life into men and women over 50. In Palm Springs, Dr. Kato is among a select few experienced professionals who’ve used this procedure to help patients reverse unwanted signs of aging and regain a more youthful appearance. Here’s how:

How do Thread Lifts Work?

Thread lifts are revolutionary in how they address aging while simultaneously triggering the body’s own repair system. As the name suggests, thread lifts use surgical grade, absorbable sutures which are inserted with ultra-fine needles below the skin’s surface. Once injected, the barbed thread grabs onto sagging tissue and pulls it backward. This helps create the smooth skin and defined facial features most patients would otherwise need to turn to surgical facelift for. 

In addition to being minimally invasive, thread lifts also have the valuable benefit of continuing to help improve skin texture long after treatment. Unlike traditional facelifts, which simply remove excess skin and tighten lax muscles, thread lifts simulate the body’s natural collagen production. Collagen is a critical protein responsible for helping skin heal and retain elasticity. As we age, our bodies begin to lose collagen production capacity, allowing wrinkles to develop and skin to sag. By inserting threads strategically across the face, this procedure triggers an important healing response while also creating a foundation around which collagen can develop. You will notice healthier skin texture and a reduction in the appearance of aging.

Who is a Candidate for Thread Lift?

Looking for another reason to consider thread lift? What about simple treatment and virtually no recovery? 

For many patients on the quest for sharper facial features, the lengthy recovery time associated with facelift or neck lift can make the procedure out of reach or difficult to squeeze into a hectic work schedule with limited time off. 

In contrast, thread lift allows patients with moderate to severe skin laxity to achieve results that are comparable to a true facelift without having to undergo lengthy surgery or recovery. Because of this, combined with the fact that thread lifts continue to improve facial features even after surgery, most patients are ready to sign up for their thread lift procedure as soon as they hear about it.

Ready for Thread Lift? Get Started Today

At Aesthetic Art of Palm Springs, Dr. Kato and her team have helped patients transform their appearance and improve their self-confidence thanks to thread lift treatment. To learn more about this innovative procedure, call our office at 760-610-5558 and schedule your consultation with Dr. Kato today!