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Eating, Sleeping and Kissing After Lip Filler Injections

Over the last few years, lip injections with dermal fillers have skyrocketed. What has been a go-to anti-aging procedure to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles has more recently also become a hit among younger patients interested in improving naturally thin lips. 

With this growing popularity, there are a number of questions our Palm Desert cosmetic specialist receives about the procedure. Patients are curious about when they can start getting back to their normal activities following lip filler treatment. To help provide some guidance, we’ve pulled together our top recommendations for lip care after lip injections.

Post-Lip Injection Eating

As lip fillers are non-invasive, one of the perks associated with this treatment is that the entire procedure can be completed without undergoing anesthesia. While this might mean you don’t have to worry about fasting ahead of treatment, taking some care with your diet during the first few days after your procedure makes sense. 

What you eat during the first days after lip injections can influence your comfort during recovery. As a result, we recommend that patients focus on staying hydrated and healthy. Washing down fruits and vegetables with plenty of water will help newly treated lips stay hydrated while delivering critical vitamins to treated cells. This can help reduce the duration of post-injection swelling and ensure that you enjoy your final results faster. On the flip side, we recommend avoiding spicy, processed, or excessively salty foods. While delicious, these can delay the healing process and make sensitive lips feel uncomfortable. Similarly, straws and water bottles should be on hiatus for the first few days after treatment as these can cause accidental puckering.

Sleeping After Lip Fillers 

Are you a stomach sleeper? While it can be tough to monitor your sleep while you’re sleeping, laying on your back in an elevated position is critical to sealing in the perfect pout. As the filler material can take several days to firm up inside the lip, an accidental roll onto your stomach or side in the middle of the night can lead to asymmetrical lip shape. 

To avoid these risks all together without sacrificing your sleep, we recommend setting up a pillow fort around your head to prevent unconscious movement during the middle of the night. Likewise, add a few extra pillows beneath your head to help keep the filler in the right position. Most patients only need to do this for the first couple of nights following treatment.

Kissing Post-Lip Fillers

Whether you’re dating, married, or enjoying the single life, one of the most common questions Dr. Kato gets about life with lip injections is about kissing. In particular, how soon after having lip fillers injected can a patient safely receive smooches?

For starters, while the procedure is non-invasive, patients can expect to experience some swelling, bruising and sensitivity during the first few days following treatment. While a quick and light peck might be fine, anything more intense can make the unpleasant side effects last longer. To help protect your new look and keep you comfortable, we recommend taking it easy on the romance for at least 72 hours following your injection or longer if you’re continuing to experience swelling and bruising.

Have Questions? Call Dr. Kato

Whether you’re new lip injections or returning for touch-ups, the team at Aesthetic Art is here to help. Dr. Kato and her staff have helped countless patients use this popular procedure to achieve their dream look. To learn more about how this treatment can transform your look, contact our office to schedule your visit today!