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Fill and Diminish Acne Scars with Dermal Fillers

Acne scars and ongoing adult acne outbreaks can have a demoralizing effect on any individual, man or woman. Luckily, innovations in cosmetic dermatology technology and non-surgical solutions have seen traditional anti-aging procedures repurposed to help smooth skin damaged by remnant acne scars.

Why Acne Leaves Scars

Thought days of unwanted outbreaks were left behind in high school? Think again. While most individuals associate pimples and breakouts with the awkward teenage phase of their life, adult acne remains a common condition for many men and women. Hormonal acne, in particular, can be especially frustrating to deal with, as it comes and goes depending on fluctuations in your hormone levels. As a result, even if you’ve established the perfect skin care routine, stress at work or an upcoming period can mean breakouts of painful pimples.

Acne scarring can also occur to any patient, at any stage in life. Often blamed on picking pimples or scratching them off, acne scars arise as the body tries to repair ruptured pimples with new skin cells. If the skin over or under-produces collagen to help heal these traumas, patients can end up with the characteristic acne scarring.

The type of scarring that you can end up with depends on the kind of pimple that your body is trying to heal from. Most acne scars can be attributed to hormonal acne or cysts as these forms of pimples reach far deeper below the skin’s surface than other kinds.

Treating Acne Scarring with Dermal Fillers

In recent years, countless treatments have been developed to address scarring from acne and help prevent future damage to the skin’s appearance. While options can range from chemical peels to ablative laser treatment, one solution offers patients a new, less invasive solution: dermal fillers.

Also known as injectables, dermal fillers have become the first step in slowing the effects of aging on appearance. Dermal fillers can be made from many solutions, the most popular of which is hyaluronic acid. This unique formula leverages naturally occurring hyaluronic acid to help skin cells in the targeted areas retain moisture more efficiently. This ultimately adds volume to areas that have lost their natural fullness due to the aging process.

While injectables may be closely linked to anti-aging and facial rejuvenation, the concept for applying dermal fillers to acne scars is incredibly similar. Like the aging process, acne scars can be the result of diminished collagen production, which keeps the skin looking smooth and full. By filling in sunken areas of skin and smoothing skin around raised areas, patients who’ve dealt with deep scarring are able to achieve a more youthful, smoother appearance without the pitting associated with acne.

Using dermal fillers as a treatment for acne scarring also comes with its own benefits. For starters, the non-invasive nature of treatment means that patients can schedule treatments at their leisure and on their schedule. As there is no extensive recovery necessary with dermal fillers, most patients can get right back to their routine after they’ve undergone treatment. Best of all, the application of the dermal fillers looks natural. At Dr. Kato’s Palm Springs practice, injectables are strategically administered so that patients don’t look as if they’ve had work done. When used as combination acne and anti-aging solution, many patients are pleasantly surprised to find that their dermal filler treatment enhances their natural beauty.

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