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Give Jowls the One-Two Punch with ThreadLifts and Fillers

No facial feature is immune to the changes of getting older. While most men and women are familiar with the deepening wrinkles and sagging skin, an area where aging frequently comes as a surprise is the jawline. Over time, decreasing collagen and elastin production and the pull of gravity cause skin around the jawline to sink, creating the appearance of sagging jowls seemingly overnight.

While patients who were tired of having jowls previously only had the option of a facelift, new innovations have led to the development of revolutionary, non-surgical treatments that provide similarly transformative results. In recent years, procedures like thread lift and dermal fillers have become popular standalone options among patients looking for a non-invasive answer to aging skin. Although both are highly effective on their own, the results of combining these treatments produce the optimal outcome without surgery.

The Culprit Behind Sagging Skin

To understand how thread lifts and dermal fillers work together to create a rejuvenated appearance, it’s important to know what causes the skin to sag. While much of the blame lies on external factors like sun damage, inconsistent skincare regimen, or smoking, the biggest culprits are below the surface of the skin. 

Our skin naturally and regularly produces collagen and elastin proteins, which add volume to the skin and keep it looking firm and healthy. The older we get, however, the less of these critical proteins our bodies are able to produce. This allows external factors to damage skin faster than it can heal, ultimately creating the fine lines and sagging skin that characterizes aging. 

Along the neckline, diminished collagen production is compounded by the effects of gravity. As facial features lose important volume and skin loses its internal structure, gravity essentially pulls the thinning skin farther down on the face. This creates unflattering jowls, erasing facial definition and causing a certain degree of self-consciousness among patients. Luckily, non-surgical dual combo treatments have made correcting jowls possible.

How it Works

Like any other combination treatment, thread lift and dermal filler treatments are strategically used to complement each other and give you stunning results. When applied as a solution to jowls, patients can take better control over how they age without looking as if they’ve had work done.

Thread Lifts

During combination treatment, the thread lift is usually completed in order to enhance the structure below the skin’s surface. As the name suggests, thread lifts use surgical-grade absorbable threads to physically lift and reposition sagging facial skin. The threads have tiny barbs that pull back any sagging tissue and ensure a taut, natural look. The thread lift is an excellent alternative to extensive facelift surgery.

Dermal Fillers

One of the advantages of thread lift treatment is that as the tissue begins to heal around the threads, collagen production is stimulated.  This new volume can further be enhanced with strategic dermal fillers. When placed along the cheeks, below the eyes and within the nasolabial folders, these injectables add the volume that restores a youthful look to aging facial features.

Get Started at Aesthetic Art

Why settle for a life with jowls? If sagging skin around your jaw and neckline is leaving you feeling self-conscious about your appearance, it’s time to schedule a visit to Aesthetic Art. During your consultation, our Palm Desert cosmetic specialist will guide you through your available anti-aging options, including dual rejuvenation with a thread lift and fillers. Together, you’ll build a treatment strategy that refreshes your overall appearance while keeping things looking natural. Call (760) 610-5558 or schedule your consultation online to get started!