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How the Synergy of Thread Lift and Dermal Fillers Erases Years from Your Face

For many patients, two procedures are better than one. 

When it comes to reversing the signs of aging, most consider it necessary to combine non-surgical and surgical procedures in order to get rid of sagging skin, wrinkles and shave off more than five years from their appearance. The facelift has proven to erase 10 to 15 years from your face, but it involves surgery, anesthesia and two weeks off from work. 

New technology in the form of thread lift combined with dermal fillers have made it easier than ever for patients to erase five or more years from their face. Keep reading about how these synergistic, non-surgical procedures can be combined to create the ultimate age-reversal procedure. Call Palm Springs cosmetic specialist Dr. Maya Kato at 760-610-5558 to learn more!

What is a Thread Lift?

With a thread lift, the doctor inserts surgical threads just below the skin’s surface to pull back and reposition loose or sagging skin. The threads are made from polydioxanone, also called PDO and have small barbs, which grab and pull the targeted skin into a more natural, youthful look. 

Thread lifts don’t simply improve appearances. The strategic placement of threads below the skin’s surface acts like a scaffold for new collagen to develop around. Over time, newly developed collagen helps transform skin’s texture and tackles other unwanted signs of aging such as wrinkles and creases. Best of all, thread lifts are completely non-surgical and minimally invasive. Unlike surgical facelifts, thread lifts can be performed in just one treatment session with an experienced specialist. Once complete, most patients are able to return to work without issue.

Thread Lift in Addition to Dermal Fillers

Far more people know about and use dermal fillers than thread lifts. Still, as a patient ages, dermal filler effectiveness diminishes. Filling cheekbones with a dermal filler like Voluma lifts the cheek, helping to tighten jowls. Still, overuse of filler to the cheek just puffs up the cheek without having much effect on the sagging skin below it. The thread lift physically lifts the skin, providing upward and backward traction. 

The effects of the thread lift can be enhanced with dermal fillers, however. For example, a patient with deep nasolabial folds and sagging jowls gets the best results when combining both therapies. Dr. Kato inserts threads in the upper face with the thread angling toward the mouth and jowl. Pulling the skin back and up with barbed threads not only smooths wrinkles and tightens skin, it provides a scaffold for collagen-building which firms the skin as well. If this subtle procedure doesn’t completely relax the deep grooves by the nose and mouth, a little dermal filler will.

Together, Unstoppable

When combined, dermal fillers and thread lifts can offer patients a facelift comparable to surgical treatment or liquid facelift. Once skin has been lifted into a more youthful position with thread lift therapy, a new subcutaneous structure is created for collagen to develop around. As the threads begin to be absorbed by a patient’s body, dermal fillers can be added to help boost collagen production, reinforcing the foundation created by thread lifts. New collagen development further helps improve skin texture, tightening loose skin while helping rejuvenate a person’s overall appearance.

Combining these non-surgical procedures isn’t just good for a person’s skin health – it can also have a life-changing effect on their appearance. While traditional facelifts may effectively reverse signs of aging, these invasive procedures fail to stimulate long-term, wide-spread collagen production. Inevitable, facelift patients will have to undergo some form of touch-up in order to preserve their looks. By combining thread lift and dermal fillers into one long-term procedure and maintenance strategy, patients can look as if they’ve just undergone lengthy surgery without having to endure lengthy recovery. This degree of control over the aging process as well as long-term results is just one of the many benefits created by combining thread lift and dermal fillers.

Achieve Your Goals at Aesthetic Art

Wherever you are in your journey, our team of experienced cosmetic specialists is here to help. Dr. Kato specializes in providing non-surgical solutions to help individuals enhance their natural beauty while aging. Call 760-610-5558 today to schedule your thread lift and dermal filler consultation with Dr. Maya Kato today!