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Love Your Lips, Lose Your Lines this Valentine’s Day

For many, Valentine’s day is the first important festivity of the new year. A celebration of love and friendship, Valentine’s day gives us a chance to express our full beauty and gratitude towards those we love in our lives. 

To ensure you look in top form this Valentine’s day, Dr. Maya Kato in Palm Springs offers this advice on lip and facial care. 

For everyone, the lips have the potential to be the most appealing aspect of their face. Full, sensual lips are the embodiment of youth, health, and beauty. Today, lips such as these are known as ‘trout-pout’ or ‘keyhole pout’ lips, and they don’t have to be reserved for the rich and famous.

What’s more, a life full of emotion means the skin around our mouths is constantly being moved and flexed as we laugh, smile, frown, and cry. This results in the gradual appearance of rhytides, or small skin creases and facial lines. An essential aspect of a perfect Valentine’s day face is smooth skin surrounding your full lips, giving you a healthy, vibrant appearance.  

With the following advice, you, too, can achieve a set of full luscious lips and smooth skin this coming Valentine’s day. First, let’s take a look at why people are attracted to the trout-pout.

Why Full Lips?

Full lips in adults are what scientists refer to as “neotenous features” – juvenile physical traits possessed by an adult. Other neotenous characteristics, such as large eyes and protruding cheekbones, are also considered physically attractive features. 

People find these traits attractive because of their expression in juveniles. It stems from an inherent biological urge to care for and protect our young. Large eyes, full lips, and high cheekbones signify youth and as such vulnerability, which provokes care-giving emotions in adults. 

This is why many plastic surgeons are asked to enhance the fullness of people’s lips, along with making the cheeks fuller and the eyes larger through dermal fillers and eyelid surgery. Adults desire these youthful features because it makes others warm to them.

Lip Injections for Youthful Lips

For a long time, full lips, or the ‘trout-pout,’ were reserved for those with incredibly lucky genes or those who had access to pricy celebrity plastic surgeons. This is no longer the case. 

A relatively straight forward cosmetic procedure, lip injections, give anyone who desires it the opportunity to have full, youthful lips.  

Obtaining the ‘trout-pout,’ a la Kylie Jenner, is done by injecting dermal filler compounds into the upper and lower lips. Skilled cosmetic surgeons are able to provide patients with an array of lip aesthetics, including heavy upper lips, heavy lower lips, wide lips, heart-shaped lips, or downturned lips. The choice is up to the patient in how they wish their mouths to look – by choosing a trained, certified and experienced cosmetic doctor, patients will obtain the results they desire. 

The procedure may appear simple, but to inject the correct quantity of filler into the precise area of the lips to provide the desired aesthetic is no easy feat. Many patients learn the hard way and choose inexperienced people to do their lip fillers, they end up looking overdone and unnatural. 

When considering who will do your lip fillers, you should always ask about certification and training, and ask to see the doctors’ gallery of before and after photos on other patients.

To complement their now full, youthful lips, many patients complete their Valentine’s day facial rejuvenation by smoothing out the skin surrounding their mouths. This is done using other dermal fillers.

Dermal Fillers for Smooth Skin

Small facial lines inevitably appear on everyone’s face. Fortunately, cosmetic doctors have refined their techniques and now have a solution for any degree of facial creasing and wrinkling. 

For creases beginning to form in the soft sensitive skin that surrounds the mouth, aestheticians administer exact quantities of small-compound dermal fillers. These allow precise smoothing of the skin by restoring lost volume and gently plumping the skin in areas of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Like lip fillers, dermal fillers for the skin are not permanent solutions. But, quick treatments a few times per year can maintain your results and keep you looking youthful. 

In preparation for Valentine’s day, the combination of these two procedures is just what the doctor ordered. Please call Dr. Kato 760 610 558 or fill in her online form to get expert advice from the Palm Springs top doctor to help you look your best.