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PRP Facial

PRP Facial in Palm Springs

Tackle the aging process by improving the foundation of your skin. Platelet-rich Plasma facials from Dr. Kato help fundamentally improve the health and quality of skin without resorting to surgery or dermal fillers. Backed by decades of scientific research and application, PRP therapy is quickly becoming one of our most popular treatments!

The Science Behind PRP Therapy

To understand the real benefits of PRP Therapy, it is critical that patients understand how the procedure works.

Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) therapy has long been valued as an innovative treatment for sports injuries, thanks to its unique use of platelets – a component of blood that encourages clotting and is rich in growth factor proteins. By separating these essential platelets from the rest of the blood and applying it to injuries parts of the body such as the tendons, torn muscles, or ligaments and even in surgery, PRP helps to accelerate the healing process.

PRP Therapy in Cosmetic Care

In recent years, PRP facials have gained traction in the cosmetic community as effective non-surgical skin rejuvenation. The natural benefits of using a serum produced by your own body combined with rapid healing time make this a popular option among celebrities and long-time patients of Dr. Kato.

PRP therapy is unique in how it treats aged skin in comparison to other non-surgical options. While injectables and fillers may be useful at adding volume to loose and drooping skin, and smoothing dynamic wrinkles, these options require the repeat injection of chemical solutions. Cosmetic PRP facials were developed to improve the overall quality of the skin with natural blood plasma. Studies have shown that this stimulates the cells deep responsible for collagen production below the surface of tissue. This helps the body generate new, healthy, younger-looking skin without running the risk of looking over-treated.

As it’s made from your blood, the ultra-refined serum is safe to use in virtually all areas of the face. Ultimately, this non-surgical solution enhances the texture, tone, and smoothness of the skin in a truly natural way.

Your PRP Therapy in Palm Springs

Consultation and Candidacy

Part of the beauty of this treatment is its flexible and comprehensive application options. As PRP facials are non-surgical, patients who would not qualify for or wish to avoid invasive procedures like injections find this to be a useful alternative. Likewise, some individuals want to avoid a long and extensive recovery to enjoy their treatment results. While patients of all skin types are eligible for facial PRP injection, those who are taking blood thinning medication or have problems with blood clotting should not undergo this procedure. For these individuals, Dr. Kato offers other non-surgical facial rejuvenation options and will help you find the right solution to support your overall health and expectations.

This treatment can be used on almost every part of the face. Dr. Kato often recommends PRP facials for individuals with the following conditions:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Uneven texture and tone
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Acne

Given the rejuvenating nature of the treatment, many patients choose PRP therapy as an adjunct to other treatments they undergo. During your consultation, Dr. Kato will help you determine discusses the logistics of your treatment and determines whether this solution is the best way to target signs of facial aging.

As PRP is highly customized to each patient’s specific needs, the number of sessions required varies from patient to patient. Achieving the best results can require a series of three to four treatments performed at one-month intervals. Likewise, maintaining your results can require regular touch-ups. During your initial visit, Dr. Kato  will identify how many sessions you will need to achieve and maintain your ideal look.

Maya Kato

B. Maya Kato, MD

Dr. Kato is a highly trained specialist. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from UCLA, and received her M.D. from UCSF. She is board-certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, and has performed thousands of procedures.

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What to expect during your PRP Facial

At the start of your PRP therapy, a small amount of blood will be taken and be refined to develop the platelet-rich right in our Palm Springs office. During the refining process, the sample is centrifuged to separate the blood’s plasma and platelets from red and white cells. The sample will be further processed down into serum and prepared for injection.

While the serum is being processed, the treatment areas will be thoroughly clean and prepared for treatment. Once ready, the plasma is injected during a process that takes about 30 minutes, depending on where the injections are being made.

Recover in no time with PRP Facial

Another critical advantage of PRP therapy is the minimally-invasive nature of treatment. After the serum has been refined and administered, patients do not need pain medication and most return to work right after their appointment.

In the hours and days following your procedure, it is not uncommon to experience minor side effects like redness, soreness, or swelling. However, these usually dissipate within a few days. To help protect your results, it’s recommended that you safeguard your skin against excessive sun exposure while you’re recovering from the treatment.

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