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Latisse® is one of the most popular feature enhancing products on the market. Latisse lengthens, fills and darkens your eyelashes. Most patients see amazing results in just a few weeks or months.

Americans have purchased about four million bottles of Latisse since the FDA approved the product in 2008.

The active ingredient in Latisse is called bimatoprost, which was actually used in eyedrops as a glaucoma medication before it became an eyelash enhancer. The exact science behind why bimatoprost so effectively stimulates hair growth is unknown; however, it works great for almost everyone.

Applying Latisse

Latisse comes in a small bottle with a supply of sterile, one-time-use applicators. The liquid should be brushed onto the upper eyelash line carefully. It naturally transfers to your lower eyelids as you blink, and it should never be applied there. You also need to be careful when applying Latisse because it can promote hair growth on any section of skin that it touches regularly.

When you talk to our facial cosmetic specialists at Aesthetic Art in Palm Desert for a Latisse prescription, we will help you better understand the application process. After an extended period of using the product, we may also recommend you begin a maintenance phase in which applications occur every other day.

What You Need to Know About Latisse

Latisse has been proven to work for almost all patients. After a 16-week study, participants saw a 25% increase in length, a 106% increase in fullness and an 18% increase in darkness of the lashes. Rarely, patients are ineligible for Latisse in Palm Desert. Reasons for this include conjunctivitis, uveitis and other eye problems; risk for macular edema; pregnancy; and allergies or infections of the eyelid.

While Latisse is generally considered a very safe treatment, some people experience minor to moderate side effects, including eye redness, darkening of the eyelids and itchy eyes. After extended long-term use, Latisse sometimes causes a darkening of the iris’s pigmentation in some patients with light eyes.

Despite its widespread cosmetic appeal, Latisse is still a medication that must be prescribed by a doctor. It is almost always paid for out of pocket, and you must keep up with its applications or your eyelashes will go back to their natural color, fullness and length. At Aesthetic Art in Palm Desert, Latisse is one of our top facial cosmetic products. Our knowledgeable medical staff will help you assess your needs and determine if Latisse is a good option for you.

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