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Sculptra: The Injectable Butt Lift

There’s a better way to achieve the butt of your dreams. In recent years, Sculptra has become popularized as a non-surgical alternative to achieve a sculpted, perky rear.

What is Sculptra

Sculptra is a revolutionary dermal filler originally designed to soften harsh wrinkles and bring volume to hollow parts of the face by restoring collagen to skin. Over the years, factors like sun exposure combined with the aging process can diminish the amount of collagen in your skin, causing your appearance to lose volume.

Rather than just adding moisture with hyaluronic acid like other injectables, Sculptra is made using poly-l-lactic acid. This substance is used to stimulate collagen production, ultimately strengthening collagen fibers that have been damaged or weakened. When used as part of a dermal filler treatment, poly-L-lactic acid helps reinforce the skin’s collagen structure from the inside out and provides a natural boost to the individual’s overall appearance.

While it can take several months until the final results are visible, Sculptra uniquely offers longevity rare for other injectable options. With Sculptra, patients can enjoy their treatment results for up to two years.

Gluteoplasty with Sculptra

When most people think about cosmetic treatments around the rear, the common assumption is that only surgery like butt implants or a Brazilian butt lift can revive a sagging rear. However, more and more patients are turning to the natural lifting capabilities of Sculptra as a way of achieving a fuller, lifted backside. Here’s how:

Sculptra Stimulates Collagen Production

Not everyone is blessed with a shapely rear-end from birth. Furthermore, the skin on your derriere is susceptible to volume loss just like any other part of the body. The combination of these factors ultimately leads to a small, flat butt that can be a source of concern for many patients.

Rather than having to take fat from another part of the body to add volume to the rear, Sculptra’s key ingredient helps stimulate natural collagen production. The result is natural volume development and firmer, smoother looking skin.

Sculptra provides non-invasive treatment

All surgery, no matter how minimally invasive, requires extensive preparation and recovery in order to maximize treatment results. While butt implants and Brazilian butt lifts are often touted as the go-to procedure for all butt contouring, these options don’t always fit an individual’s specific needs or current shape. For example, lean patients who simply want to add a little more volume to their rear but don’t have sufficient fat to transfer to their buttocks may find themselves out of options. For other patients, busy schedules make elective surgery almost impossible to block out time for treatment and recovery.

As a non-invasive injectable, Sculptra butt lifts offer the perfect non-surgical alternative for improving the contour of your rear. With Sculptra, treatment sessions take about thirty minutes to complete, and recovery is minimal. Most patients are able to return to their routine schedule without the same restrictions associated with traditional butt augmentation.

Sculptra can be tailored to any patients

The non-invasive nature of Sculptra also means that treatment can be tailored to any patient at any age and address numerous concerns. Some of the most popular reasons why patients choose Sculptra buttlift include

  • Loss of fat at the top of the buttocks due to calorie restriction
  • Skin texture irregularity
  • Flat, sagging bottom

Achieve the rear of your dreams with Sculptra!

Whether you’re looking to add a little volume or lift sagging rears, Sculptra can be an excellent choice for improving appearances and self-confidence. At Aesthetic Art, our Palm Springs cosmetic specialist has helped many patients use this procedure to enhance their natural curves without dramatic surgery. To learn more about your treatment options, we encourage you to contact our team by calling c(760) 610-5558 to schedule your consultation.